If I had to say what our con is most known for I would have to say the Cosplay! Every year we have a fantastic plethora of caped crusaders trying to win our two Coscomps. Divided into two age catagories, 13- for the kids and 13+ for the adults (13 year olds choose their catagory) we always have a brilliant competition and finish the day off with a huge group photo!​


Our Art Competition is a staple of every con and follows the same structure as our Cosplay. 13- for the kids and 13+ for the adults (13 year olds choose their catagory)
and every year we follow the same rules...

1) Hand it in to the main stage on the day

2) Have your name, age and contact method on the back

3) Must be on paper/card etc so it can put pinned to the board 

4) It must be relevent (nerdy in other words, no watercolour landscapes!)



The World's Hardest Nerd Quiz! Can you take on the most difficult quiz known to nerd? Every year we ask you to prove your knowledge on all things nerd with twenty of the most insanely hard questions from five catagories...

- Television
- Film
- Video Games
- Comics & Manga
- Science

May the best nerd win!


Gaming changes every year, from Mario Kart Time Trails, to Pokémon GO
Gym Challenge through to everyone's favourite, a Super Mario Bros Last Man Standing! What will we have this year? Check our facebook page to find out!

Most gaming competitions are priced per go, with cash prizes and an extra
prize for the winner!

Axe Throwing

Get your Gimli on with on axe throwing competition! Archery style points board
just waiting to be whacked, highest score at the end of the day wins!

Priced per go, £5 for twenty throws with prizes for the top three, winner gets a voucher for Lumber Lounge itself!

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